Taguig is one of the most new sites on the metro. Taguig should be at the top of your list if you like looking at beautiful things (and maybe even some pretty faces).

Top 10 BGC Tourist Spots

Not only does it boast a lot of stuff for people looking for entertainment and adventure, but it’s also a pretty good place to feel the breeze in your hair and enjoy the sights.

Here’s our list of 10 Instagram-worthy places in Taguig to visit:

  1. Mecha Uma: Mecha Uma

So what’s up? Literally, when you get here, look around. This Japanese restaurant is likely to have won unofficial records in our book of the best ceilings of the year.

In addition to its delicious dishes and homey atmosphere, which can be considered a work of art in its own right, the ceiling itself is also a work of art. They wanted the client to be able to be visually entertained while waiting for their meal, according to our sources.

The wooden bars are layered like lattice work, and only the amount of man hours needed to put it up can be pictured. The result: a beautifully concocted interior that both satisfies the eyes as your tummy does the same with its food.

Duck Soba, Octopus Korroke, Matsusakaya Hyun and Tai Usuzukuri are their dishes, and their plating turns an ordinary restaurant plate into a canvas. Great for your pictures of food on Instagram.

Location: Ground Floor, 1634 Corporate Core of RCBC Savings Bank, 25th Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Hours of operation: 6pm-11pm

  1. The Museum of Mind

This isn’t an ordinary, dull museum of science, mind you. This is on top of the most exciting stuff most people have to do in Taguig.

With displays that will enchant you, The Mind Museum is both an exciting and informative place to learn about science. On view are a lot of interactive displays and there are plenty of activities to do for everyone of any generation.

Location: Park J. Y. Campos, 3rd Avenue, Global City of Bonifacio
Fee(s): P475 for Traveloka when you book
Hours of operation: 9am-6pm
Best for: students, infants, families, on field trips,
Level of Adventure: Moderate
Highlight(s): Try to see your hair grow up with their fun static gadget.
Insider information: The Mind Museum is a non-profit organization that donates much of its proceeds to public schools in the Philippines.
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  1. Cafe Sunnies

In the middle of Bonifacio High Street, check out this go-to brunch place. This restaurant is instagram-ready with its familiar pink doors, well-placed greenery, and beautiful interiors.

Try their Matcha Milk Shake and feel the positive vibes of summer. Don’t forget to bring with you your friends and enjoy good food for warmth.

Location: B3, Bonifacio High Street, The Global City of Bonifacio
Hours of operation: 11am-11pm
Best for: everyone looking for a brunch spot, Friends Party,
Highlight(s): Try their Matcha Milk Shake, which is highly recommended.

  1. Murals from the Wall

In Bonifacio Global City, the street art movement and the arts in general are still abuzz, and you definitely don’t have to go too far if you’re looking for contemporary urban art.

Huge wall murals made by different artists are spread throughout the city and they leave the city with a very artful modern touch.

These modern art pieces have become the top of several lists of places to visit in Taguig as they really inspire you to be innovative. These places have also become famous OOTD places and we can certainly see why.

Location: Global Town of Bonifacio

  1. The Eats of Burgos

It is very tiring to search for nice places in and around Taguig. You can check out Burgos Eats if you’re up for some early snacks at one of the most Instagrammable places in Taguig to visit. The shared space features contemporary architecture and motifs of interior design that will definitely give you inspiration for your own DIY home designs.

Krispy Kreme, Pancake House, Yellow Taxi, Jamba Juice and Teriyaki Boy from the Max ‘s Party are currently housed in this “food park.” All of them are located in a shared space with contemporary rustic interiors, exposed beams and pendant lights. This place also contains a few murals that are similar to the town’s street art.

This place will provide your casual images with an excellent backdrop and is located at the corner of Rizal Drive and Burgos Circle on 29th Street.

Location: Circle of Burgos, Global City of Bonifacio
Operating Hours: 24 Hours of Operation:
Great for: friend groups , families, office workers, night shift workers
Insider info: Inside the house, you can order from one restaurant and carry it to another without violating any rules.

  1. Grand Canal Mall of Venice
    Gondola from Venice Grand Canal Mall (photo from Instagram, @bajumer)

You can probably visit the Venice Grand Canal Mall if you like a couple of photos in the most picturesque of settings.

It features a canal with gondoliers ready to serenade you and take you and your significant other downstream, in addition to boasting an array of pretty upscale establishments.

On a rock, pledge your love and whisper sweet nothings as you admire the dreamy landscapes. Prepare to get your camera ready for a romantic mini-Venice getaway as you and the SO embark.

Location: Cluster B, Garden Villas of McKinley Hill, Upper McKinley Rd
Hours of operation: 11am-11pm

  1. High Street of Bonifacio

Looking for a place for your new OOTD to be showcased? Or would you only like to stroll through a huge array of modern architecture and luscious fauna? As this place is truly an Instagram-worthy location in BGC, take a walk around 5th avenue to Bonifacio High Street.

This place is certainly a go-to place for people looking for the prettiest places in the metro, mixing nature and modern architecture. The sprawling greenery is clean enough to have a picnic, well-designed shops with your favorite brands and a lot of modern art to compliment the contemporary look, of course.

Location: 5th Avenue to 11th Avenue, Global City of Bonifacio
Hours of operation: 24 hours

  1. Happyworld Museum’s Miracle Art

Who’s up for some fun 3D and wild optical illusions? Located at Market Market, McKinley Parkway, the Wonder Art Happyworld Museum features life-sized optical illusions that will leave you mind-boggled. Have fun with perspective and take cool photos with images that just pop off the walls … and even the floors sometimes.

See the animals come alive when you plunge through waterfalls, and you trick your mates through believing you’re taller than you really are. This place provides children (and children at heart) with enough fun. They are so popular that they have spread to various locations across the world.

If you’re all about snapping up these optical illusions for some Instagram or Facebook-timeline fun (with yourself), then this is the spot for you!

Place: Business! Field! Business! Mckinley Parkway Parkway
Fee(s): from P150 till P200

  1. Circle Burgos

Burgos Circle is the dining and lifestyle center of Bonifacio Global City, and you should really check it out if you like nice places, faces and good food. Combined with vibrant architecture, it’s casually comfortable atmosphere makes it an endearing place to spend time with your friends, take pictures and catch some wonderful grub.

Just stop by any of the specially built restaurants and snap away if you run out of photos to take. Al fresco dining options are open, and most of these restaurants really pay attention not only to how their food tastes, but also to how it looks.

The list of Burgos Circle restaurant locations is daunting. Like Locavore, B&B, you have picks: Burgers and Brewskies, Stacy’s, Wrong Ramen, Bowery and The Farm. Each has its own special theme and each is capable of catching your eye and tummy.

Uh. 10. Serendra’s

The 12-hectare neighborhood of Serendra is situated between McKinley Parkway and 11th Avenue. It is a garden community that hosts a highrise residential community and awe-worthy designs, The Shops at Serendra.

With 65% of its overall architecture devoted to landscaped greenery, it is undoubtedly one of the metro’s most beautiful areas. Combined with the stone-style houses of the Philippines, it blends European architectural motifs with Tegel harbor and Berliner Strasse.

It ‘s certainly a perfect place to visit (or live in, as it is a residential community) and you can most certainly let your mind wander among the beautifully sculpted green flora in the beautiful architecture.

Location: Global Town of Bonifacio
Hours of operation: 11am-10pm