There is an overlooked city hidden in a plain site about 60 kilometers from Manila. Most travelers don’t think of jumping on a few days between flights from Manila to Tagaytay, so take advantage of the untouched culture and local prices while it’s still a very hidden spot on the western trail.

When you think of a Filipino city, Tagaytay isn’t what you would expect. Although public transport and the occasional traffic jam are available, Tagaytay is a town full of nature. By building around rolling hills and green ridges, the outdoor parks, restaurants, and even shopping centers take advantage of the beautiful landscape, so that every encounter feels like you’re still one with nature.

Tagaytay Come’s main attraction is the spectacular Ta’al Volcano, which really is a geological phenomenon that will leave you scratching your head.

Tagaytay Tourist Spots: Six Places to See

In Tagaytay City, let’s explore the best things to do:

  1. Volcano Taal and Lake

The pride and joy of Tagaytay City are Taal Volcano and the Lake. With 33 eruptions, it’s the Philippines’ second most active volcano. A large cratered mouth and hilly sides that spill out into the Lake are its trademark. But look a little closer and you’ll see that there’s a whole different lake within the cratered mouth. And there’s another island within the pool.

You followed that? On a lake, there’s a volcano that has a lake inside a volcano that has an island inside the lake. That’s understandable if you’re really lost. To see for yourself, you’ll have to visit.

  1. At Tierra de Maria, Our Lady of Manaoag

The Philippines is a very religious country, if you have not already found it out, and has thus gone to great lengths to plan, create, and erect some of Asia’s most magnificent religious shrines.

To find Our Lady of Manaoag interesting, you don’t have to be religious. This 50 ft statue of the Mother of God, Mary, is a place where Filipinos worship and take their Facebook pictures. Next to the monument is a small church temple with a flea market set of a monument of Jesus on the cross, prophet’s pictures, and twinkling Christmas lights strung throughout.

Tagaytay Tourist Spots: Six Places you Must See
  1. Breakfast at Antonio Breakfast

While they serve amazing breakfast choices, such as homemade pork sausage and Golden Waffles filled with honey, we can not recommend the sandwiches enough. You can order creations like the Grilled Smoked Ham with Gruyere and Cheddar Cheese using premium deli meat and gourmet cheeses that will make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

You’re sitting next to a wide window overlooking the Ta’al Volcano and Lake all the while, which binds the whole experience together.

  1. Grove Picnic

Keep on from Our Lady of Manaoag to the nearby Picnic Grove. For families and couples to come for a picnic (duh), to fly a kite or get some exercise, the grove is a picturesque and idyllic room. It looks like if you were to roll down from the top of the sprawling grassy hill, you would fly down into the water and land between the islands in the distance. The views are uncomprehensibly lovely.

Here, there are lots of things like horseback riding, ziplining, diving, shopping, and riding by cable car. You could spend the whole day here quickly. Restaurants and resto-shops are also available to keep you safe.

  1. Cultural Exhibition Cafe Veranda

Dinner and a show … what else do you want?

Swing by or stay at the Ta’al Vista hotel where you will be treated to a Filipino 4-course meal along with a display of traditional clothing dancing from talented Filipinas. With almost no wait to be seated and staff who are very attentive to your table, the service is great.

At lunch, there is one demonstration and at dinner, they do the same three sets, but no one is better than the other. You will reserve a table closest to the performing area if you call ahead.

  1. Ranch Sky

Who’s not in love with a good ol ‘fashioned amusement park? Visit the Sky Ranch and again feel like a child! To get the adrenaline pumping, they have plenty of (well-maintained) rides for you.

63 meters above the ground, the Sky Eye Ferris Wheel takes you on a sightseeing tour; the Sky Cruiser is a pedal bike high off the ground where riders pedal on an aerial track to get views of Ta’al Lake and Volcano; the zipline catapults you high above the ground down a 300-meter long line; and that’s just the beginning.

For youngsters, there are lots of rides, such as tiny pedal boats in pools and a grand carousel that will shine with excitement in their eyes.