Ideal Wear at Davao

During the summer season, the Davao weather can be humid, as the weather can get hot and humid, it is best to wear thin, breathable clothing. Since these months are the rainy season, if you’re coming to Davao from June to November, carry an umbrella or jacket.

How to get to Davao
Luckily, Davao is quick to hit for travelers searching for their next tropical getaway. Davao is highly accessible from major jump-off points in the Philippines as well as from select international airports abroad, thanks to its international airport.

Via Flights
Davao has its own airport, the international airport of Francisco Bangoy, generally referred to as Davao International Airport. It is the largest gateway to Mindanao, and is the busiest airport in Mindanao, of course, and the third busiest airport in the Philippines.

Aside from being connected to major jump-offs in the Philippines, a number of international airports are also connected to Davao Airport.

You can ride directly to Davao from outside the Philippines, or you can fly to either Manila-Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Luzon or Mactan-Cebu International Airport in Visaya.

How to Get To Davao: Ultimate Travel Guide

From Destinations Foreign

International destinations such as Hong Kong , Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan are linked to Davao International Airport. You can fly to those countries wherever you are in the world and get on a plane bound straight for Davao Region.

From the Visayas and Luzon

You also have the option of flying to the key Luzon and Visayas jump-off sites. In Manila, Luzon, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is linked to a variety of countries in Asia , the Middle East, Oceania, North America and Europe. You can fly directly to Davao International Airport from NAIA.

It is also a good option to fly in from Clark to Davao if you come from the northern part of Luzon or if you want to escape traffic in Manila. Clark’s airfares are typically lower than Manila’s. Luckily, Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong, and Singapore are linked to Clark International Airport.

In the Visayas, you can also fly in from Cebu. 21 international destinations, including Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia, South Korea , Japan, Taiwan , and Hong Kong, are now linked to Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

You’ll have no trouble finding direct flights to Cebu if you come from those destinations. From Cebu, you can then fly directly to Davao.

By Ferries
It is also possible, but less convenient, to travel to Davao via ferry. There are no ports inside the city that handle long distance passenger ferries. You can dock at Nasipit Port in Agusan del Norte, which is approximately 6 hours away from Davao City, whether you come from Manila or Cebu.

Ferry routes from Manila to Nasipit Port are provided by 2Go Travel twice a week. Usually, the travel time is 33 hours and 30 minutes. Similarly, only 2Go Travel has routes to Nasipit Port from Cebu.

There are trips three times a week, with 8 hours of travel time. The sailing lengths and frequency of the trip will vary from season to season, so be sure to review the timetable before planning your trip.

Where to stay in Davao City
When it comes to accommodation in Davao or on Samal Island, you won’t run out of options. There are many reasonable hotels you can choose from in Davao if you’re on a budget.

If you are travelling with your family or prefer reasonably priced private rooms, you can find mid-range Davao hotels or holiday rentals that suit your needs. On the other hand, there are many luxury resorts in Davao and Samal Island that will cater to your creature comforts if you are after an ultra-luxurious experience.

Your choice, the number of people staying, and your budget depend on where you stay in Davao. Here are some of the accommodation forms that you will find in Davao.

Island and Resorts at the Beach

When it comes to island resorts and beach resorts, Samal Island will not disappoint you. Some have full facilities, such as a spa and a restaurant, while some have minimal amenities, such as an air-conditioned space with access to the beachfront. It depends entirely on your choice.

In hotels

There are a number of hotels where you can stay that offer maximum facilities, whether you are in Davao for business or pleasure. Near the airport, there are hotels and Davao hotels. You need to find the best place that fits your itinerary.

Rentals for holiday

You can rent a private house while you are in Davao. For large groups that want to save money but do not want to compromise basic services, such as kitchens and washing, it is an excellent choice. Indoor pools and gardens are also provided by others. Before you rent it, make sure to search the vacation house’s neighborhood first, as it might be far from the different tourist spots you want to visit.

Lodges and Inns for Budget

You have many options when it comes to budget-friendly lodges, inns, or guesthouses for more economical lodging. Davao budget inns have important services that are perfect on a budget for solo travelers or a backpacker. You can stay and still get regular facilities in a private room in a dorm-type room.

Areas and Neighbourhoods
You need to first know the primary area where you can book accommodation in Davao when deciding where to stay. As stated, Davao, in terms of land area, is the largest city in the Philippines.

Near the central point of your Davao itinerary, or near major commercial establishments where you can easily run to replenish travel supplies, you’ll want to book your lodgings. To find out the best area for booking your accommodation, read on.

Davao Downtown

Davao ‘s downtown district is where much of the action occurs. Downtown Davao is also known as Poblacion or the Poblacion District, where the Central Business District, parks, temples, and other commercial establishments such as shopping malls , restaurants, banks, and hotels can be found.

This is also where most tricycles and jeepneys converge. The downtown area, as such, is also Davao ‘s busiest portion. Truly, the center of Davao is the downtown area. This is a nice mid-way point between the tourist spot of Davao and it has everything a traveler wants. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to book your lodgings here.

Island of Samal

The Island of Samal is only two kilometers away from Davao. Fine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters boast this perfect island paradise. Several beach resorts and hotels are also located on Samal Island.

If you intend to spend most of your beach holiday, it is a smart idea to reserve a room on Samal Island itself. On the island, there are many beach-side properties that differ from budget to luxury. In addition to swimming, you can also discover other attractions on Samal Island, such as Hagimit Falls and Bat Cave.

Accommodation in Davao Highlights
The majority of Davao’s accommodations range from luxury, mid-range, and budget-friendly. Here are some of the best lodging for all budget styles, depending on your choice.

Budget Housing

If you want to devote a greater portion of your budget to visiting your destination, you can select these budget accommodations. In Davao, budget hotels and inns offer simple amenities that are adequate to make your stay comfortable while allowing you to splurge more on your itinerary.

Instead of just walking in, make sure to book in advance, so you can get the best rooms. These affordable Davao hotels are highly-recommended.

Dormitel Homitori

Check out the budget-friendly Homitori Dormitel if you’re looking for a place to spend the night. Within the downtown area, Homitori Dormitel is just a 30-minute walk from the city center.

The SM Lanang Premier is also just four kilometres away. This hotel provides all the facilities perfect for any sort of traveller. They provide air-conditioned, non-smoking rooms and dorm-type rooms with wifi.

Rooms of Zen

The Zen Rooms budget hotel chain has a branch on Roxas Avenue in Davao. This incredibly inexpensive accommodation is also located inside Downtown Davao. It is flanked by numerous restaurants and is also adjacent to major terminals for transport.

Davao’s Francisco Bangoy International Airport is also a 34-minute drive from ZEN Rooms Roxas Lane. The air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and a hot tub.

Hotel GV

The GV Hotel is another great no-frills budget hotel in Davao that is located in the downtown area. This inexpensive accommodation is an 8-minute walk from Dabawenyo Museum and is also close to commercial establishments.

The GV Hotel has regular single rooms, twin rooms, and deluxe family rooms. You can also switch between a room with a fan and a room with air conditioning.

Punta Del Sol

Punta del Sol is a Samal Island beachfront resort that provides budget accommodation that is suitable for solo travelers, couples, and large groups. This humble resort has full facilities and provides a wide variety of accommodation and water activities.

They also have a shop, cottages, and halls for events. At the resort, you can choose to pitch a tent and camp or book one of their inexpensive accommodation choices. Air-conditioned rooms, fan rooms, dormitory rooms and private rooms are provided in Punta del Sol.