If you thought you would find the best beaches in the world on a Caribbean island or somewhere in the far east, then you haven’t see Egypt’s beaches yet. With the Red Sea extending for the length of the whole eastern border of the country, you have lots of options for the ultimate vacation in one of the best Seas in the world. El Gouna always makes the top of my list, and you know why that is?

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

10 Great El Gouna, Egypt Vacation Ideas

Just a couple of hours from Europe’s major airports, El Gouna resort was able to earn the Global Human Settlements Award for being a Global Green Town in 2014 among other prizes. They scattered their homes and hotels across islands and lagoons to make it the perfect destination for everybody. For luxury seekers, you have a handful of five star choices to have enjoy the perfect holiday and perhaps you will find yourself a new hobby in its world class golf clubs.

On the contrary if you’re a backpacker or looking for a new summer break destination, you will still be able to enjoy every bit of it, as the town also holds small three star hotels with rooms as low as $30 per night that allow you to enjoy its busy nightclubs and sandy beaches.

So what can you do in Gouna?

#1: Chill by the beach

That’s my favorite part. Whether you have booked yourself a hotel or got an apartment from Airbnb, you will be able to work on your tan under the forever shining sun. Most hotels have their own private beaches, and if they don’t you can still access the beaches for a small fee. Additionally, beaches in Gouna provide different activities for the whole family, including kayaks, banana boats, jet skis, parasailing and pedalos.

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Chill out on the beach and soak in the sun in El Gouna

#2: Kitesurfing

The spacious beaches and fast winds make Gouna a home for many kite surfers in Egypt as well as world champions. You can stay here for many days to explore the beauty of kite Surfing in any of its professional centers.

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Kite surfing is a popular activity in El Gouna

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#3: Follow Dolphins into the Sea

Yes literally, you can follow dolphins into the sea. You can book a day trip that will take you to the middle of the sea, to a spot they call the dolphin house. There you can just jump into the water and find yourself swimming among a herd of dolphins in their natural habitat.

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Hop in a boat and search for dolphins

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#4: Explore the Marine life

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Marina in El Gouna, Egypt

Did you know that the Red Sea covers one of the best coral reefs in the world, making it an exquisite place for diving and snorkeling? All over the town you will find agencies that can take you on day trips into the sea, to the perfect spot where you can find a diverse world of reefs and fish. You don’t need to have any previous experience to take a dive into the water or snorkel. It’s even interesting for children.

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#5: Play Golf

Gouna Golf Courses

Gouna Golf Courses

El Gouna has 18-hole golf courses that will give you the opportunity to learn how to play golf or continue where you left off.

#6: Party by the Pool

Looking for a different thing to do this morning? You should catch a party in one of the many pool clubs located on the beaches here. I tried Duport beach club, a spherical pool with a fantastic view overlooking Abu Tig Marina. They offered festive beats and cold water all day for a $10 minimum charge that I used to enjoy their chilly drinks.

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Enjoy El Gouna while relaxing by the pool

#7: Horseback Riding

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

El Gouna offers everything from the sea to the desert.

You can leave the beach for a while, take a trip to enjoy the sunset in the desert, whilst on the back of an Arabian horse. And maybe you could enjoy a cup of tea in a tent and enjoy a talk with locals.

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#8: Have a safari in the desert

dune buggy marrakech

My favorite excursion here is to take a buggy and commute into the desert, were you will fall in love with nature at its finest. Only you, your friends and the guides in the desert to enjoy its serenity.

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#9: Enjoy the Nightlife

Even if you’re not a party animal, you can still enjoy el Gouna’s lively nightlife. If you visit the marina by night, you can find a bar around every corner, ready to serve you local drinks and lovely mixes.

El Gouna, Egypt beach getaway

Once the sun goes down, you can eat a fancy dinner or experience the nightlife at a bar.

My favorite one is the Bartender, its fancy facade overlooking the yachts resting in the marina, along with the beats and live music gives it a fresh vibe for the whole night. Another classic choice is the Cooners Club, hosting parties all the week for your dancing feet. And if you want to party with a view, you can try Aurora Club, a small building in on the marina, that keeps it rocking all night long with the latest hits. However if you decided to take it easy for night, head to Peanut, named after the peanut plates they put on their tables. Here you can chill on low beat music and play billiards and darts with your friends.

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#10: Have a fancy dinner

Seafood Italy

If you want to treat yourself into a delicious dinner, the marina gives you a wide variety of five star restaurants to choose from. You can feast upon some fresh seafood, Italian homemade plates, burgers and of course oriental traditional food, and the prices aren’t actually very high.

The best thing about Gouna is that you can visit at any time of the year, its always perfect. Make sure to visit their website www.elgouna.com for more information.

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