Hello from Vancouver! I simply flew Philippine Airlines business class on their somewhat uncommon path between New York and Vancouver. They launched this course in 2015, and I’ve been intrigued by it ever since. Cathay Pacific additionally runs a flight between New York and Vancouver (and from there the airlines continue to their individual hearts), so it’s likely North America’s most interesting fifth independence marketplace.

Philippine Airlines has appealing business class fares on this sector — they’re about $440 oneway, or about $750 roundtrip, which is quite amazing for a longhaul business class merchandise on a transcon flight.

While I’ll have a complete trip report shortly, I liked to share my first feelings in the type of a typical “10 images” post.

Philippine Airlines’ 777 business class cottage is made up of total of 42 seats, spread across six rows in a 2-3-2 setup. The forward cabin has four rows of seats, while the back cabin got two rows of seats. !

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 1

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 2

Philippine Airlines has eight 777s, two of which they took delivery of only several months past. The recently delivered 777s feature completely flat beds in business class, while the other six characteristic angled seats. The New York flight appears to get the newest airplanes a bulk of the time, though sadly I didn’t get blessed in this instance, and got stuck with one of the old planes.

I was pleased with the service on this particular flight, given that it departs New York at midnight, and gets into Vancouver at 3AM (clearly the flight’s time is scheduled around the link to Manila, so it’s an uncommon flight for those simply flying from New York to Vancouver). !

This flight was empty. There were about a dozen individuals in business class, and perhaps another 60 individuals in economy. Nevertheless, I appeared to be one of just a smattering of individuals traveling to Vancouver, while a bulk of the other passengers were continuing to Manila (I understood because transit passengers remain on the airplane).

Before takeoff the friendly crew introduced themselves, and distributed menus for the flight, too as welcome beverages (with the option between red apple raspberry juice, orange juice, lemon tea, and water). Meal orders were taken several minutes after.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 3

After takeoff, service started with a collection of canapés, including feta zucchini and shrimp pesto. I had a glass of champagne to cooperate with it — Philippine Airlines serves Charles Heidsieck Brut, which is totally fine.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 6

Next the appetizer was served, which consisted of smoked salmon along with a cucumber sesame salad. It absolutely was really great.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 7

For the main course I had the braised beef short ribs, which were considerably better than I was anticipating. !

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 8

Subsequent to the main course a fruit platter was served.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 9

I had a coffee to really go along with it, which was served with a slice of mango chocolate. !

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 10

Overall it was an outstanding meal, specially for a midnight departure.

The meal service was done about an hour after takeoff, and I was able to get around three hours of sound sleep. I didn’t adore the seat as it was angled, although the angle wasn’t that poor. I’d say the angle was worse than in the EgyptAir 777 business class seat, but much less terrible as in the Fiji Airways A330 business class seat.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 4

While the pillow was fine and luxurious, the blanket was basic.

Philippine-Airlines-777-Business-Class - 5

Two other things to notice:

  • The amusement choice was strong, with about 60 Hollywood films
  • PAL offers wifi — everyone gets 15MB of information at no cost, or you also can buy bundles as large as 150MB for $40; that’s not inexpensive, though it’s better than a few of the pricing charged by other airlines predicated on data use.

Bottom line

Flying Philippine Airlines between New York and Vancouver was a real treat. For $440 one way, it’s almost the least expensive business class transcon ticket you’ll locate, and it’s for a solid product no less. In the future perhaps I’m able ot take the flight in the other direction, given that it departs Vancouver at 2PM and gets into New York at 10PM, which appears like a more civilized time to fly. Hopefully I get one of the airplanes with completely flat beds next time.